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Are you thinking of buying Pattern Grading devices or 3D body scanners? If yes, then [TC]2 is the perfect place to buy them from. They are the world’s first manufacturers and providers of 3D body measurement devices. They serve many industries including medical, fitness and fashion. They have a full range of 3D body scanners, installation services, consultancy, support & maintenance, training, specialized softwares and sizing information to all of their customers. Their aim is to provide a complete set of solution to their customers throughout the globe.

[TC]2 was established in 1979 and since then they have been working hard to deliver their solutions to several industries. [TC]2 is a trusted name on which brands, retailers and manufacturers can rely for their needs. The products manufactured by them are an outcome of their extensive research and use of technology that can be beneficial for the industries to flourish. Their products are aimed at improving their customers experience and to enhance product development. Some of their products have also been manufactured in partnerships with other industries such as their 3D body scan. Apart from this, they have also made products such as an automatic machine for fabric cutting, Computer-Aided Design Software, pattern making software in 2D and 3D, digital fabric printing and many more.

Below mentioned are few of their best sellers and their features:

  • TC2- 19 3D body scanner- It is an excellent option for fulfilling body measurement and body scanning needs. This can scan body in just a second and gives an accurate measurement. This technology for 3D scanning is useful for body shape analysis, virtual fashion, fitness and 3D printing.

  • TC2- 19R mobile scanner- This mobile scanner is quite easier to set up and can scan in 30 seconds. It can even scan a color of any garment that is of close fit. It has a self scan mode and also supports arms.

  • ImageTwin- With the help of this you can try clothes and can check the fitting virtually. This style engine can help you select clothes that best suit your style and body shape. It can also increase sales of brands and retailers to a great extent.

  • Undoubtedly, [TC]2 has got something really innovative and helpful that would not just save your time but also provide you with effective results. Therefore, visit them today and but one for you today.

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