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  • Earlier this week, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Hawkeye Commodity Promotions Inc.corset style bra, of Cedar Rapids, that claimed the state of Iowa’s ban on TouchPlay video gaming machines violated its constitutional rights.

    According to The Associated Press, Hawkeye, which owns 724 machines — 581 of which were operated in 182 businesses — filed a womens bikinis sale federal lawsuit last year seeking an injunction to keep the ban from being imposed. The company had invested about $6.8 million to buy and operate the games, court records show.

    Since the TouchPlay machines were removed from suit underwear all establishments last May, Cramer said he has been having trouble making ends meet.

    “I’m making a $17,000 payment on [the machines] each month,” he said.

    With no additional revenue coming in, he has had to purchase several new non-TouchPlay machines to replace the loss.

    “The problem is the revenue on the machines usually pay for those machines; it is not extra revenue,” he said.

    He also said when the TouchPlay machines were first released, a limit was placed on the number of licenses that a person could obtain. Each machine is required to have a license and without this no additional machines can be purchased. Though Cramer was able to purchase a few additional licenses, he said it is still becoming more difficult to pay for the lost machines.

    And as summer approaches, Cramer said things will get even worse.

    He said the business sees a decrese in activity each year from around May through August due to other recereations.

    “People are out boating and camping; they don’t want to be indoors playing on machines,” he said.

    This has been a problem for him in trying to pay off the debt, though he said his financial institution is working with him. jhiatjhg147

    “Last summer the bank let me just pay on the interest, and I might have to do the same thing this summer,” he said.

    Cramer said he will be glad when the trial is over; he’s hoping that a settlement between business operators and the state could be reached.

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